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What is SEO?

SEO which stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” is the name given to a process that involves making sure your website has everything it needs for search engines to rank you in their search results and none paid organic listings.

All search engines such as Google and Bing have organic search results that are delivered to the user when they do a keyword search whether a basic web search, or a search for images, video, news or shopping, the results displayed are what search engines believe to be the most relevant and authoritative and this keeps in line with their overall goal which is based on producing the best most relevant results possible to the end user.

With this knowledge and know-how we can make sure the search engines get the content they need to the best of our ability and create pages based on what people are searching for that are relevant and informative. However keeping on top of the tons of information on the internet and being able to choose from a large amount of content for each search is not an easy job and so search engines use something called an algorithm which helps find the correct results with specific properties to be displayed.

Search engines like Google and Bing have an overall goal to produce the best most relevant results possible to the end user

Amongst these properties are a large amount of factors that determine the relevance and authority of a page but also including many on site variables and elements that make up the web page making it essential for any SEO campaign to involve making sure all the technical aspects, structure, layout and speed of your website and pages are optimised.

These are just to mention a few factors and with many SEO consultants, Gurus, Companies and the likes constantly trying to manipulate the search engine algorithms to achieve the results they desire, together with new technology and with the evolution of the internet and search in general algorithm changes are happening constantly many hundreds of times throughout the year. Moz has a fully updated page for every google algorithm change showing a detailed view by date of all the changes Google make to their algorithm.

Basic website and page optimisation to make sure your content is relevant to your company and what you are offering is not a hugely complicated dark art as many SEO’ers would sometimes lead you to believe but it is surprising how many don’t do the basics which can help greatly. Of course depending on your goals, your niche and how competitive your industry is and your website itself can depend on how much SEO is required.



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