New Website Design

As we mentioned on our previous post we have moved in to our brand new office which we absolutely love but we are still settling in and some TLC required to make it feel more like our new home.

But for those who have not been to the website before, we also have a brand new website design. Our original website was old and as the saying goes “clients come first” so we never got around to updating our website or adding fresh content, so new office comes a new website and to be honest with as little time spent as possible as we prefer to spend our time growing client brands and developing client websites.

Despite our initial lack of time spent on our personal website watch this space as things are changing as we will be continuing to add fresh content, add further services to the website that we already offer and keep you up to date with our developments and company news.

We have also for the first time decided to instead of consistently provide other local media companies with content, information and industry guides to aid their results in growing their client base to finally start providing our own, as many local multimedia, web design and SEO companies have benefited from our content and work ethic and experience in the industry and we will be concentrating more on ourselves and our clients.